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 Welcome to Eversun Marine Trade

Eversun Marine Trade  commenced its operations in 1999 in port of Visakhapatnam India. 

In collaboration with Emirates Trading Agency LLC Dubai, we pioneered the transition from Handymax to Panamax bulk commodity ocean transportation in India. By deploying and operating floating cranes and barges in Visakhapatnam Port, we revolutionized cargo handling. Our floating crane vessels, Bulk Express & Ravi B, facilitated efficient lighterage and discharge of Panamax and Cape-size vessels until 2013, benefiting bulk cargo consumers on India's East Coast.

Building on this success, Eversun Marine Trade expanded into shore crane operations, bulk material handling, warehouse management, agency services, and healthcare through Eversun Holdings & Investment Pvt Ltd.

Today Eversun Marine Trade has diversified into a multi-faceted logistics organization, to provide customized solutions for End to End logistics to our clients, with a strong acumen in Agency, Trading, Bulk Cargo Warehousing, Coastal Movement of Cargo Barge Operations, Stevedoring & On-shore Cargo Operations.

With the operation of two Harbour mobile cranes for on-shore discharge operations & a comprehensive fleet of wheel loaders, trucks & other equipment, Eversun Marine Trade is committed to meet the current as well as future expectations of our customers. Eversun Marine trade is poised to take on the new decade with an emphasis to transition from operating businesses to becoming a strategic logistics company. Eversun Marine Trade has considerably strengthened its portfolio since the past decade.

Our Services

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Steamer Agency

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Bulk Cargo Warehousing

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Bulk Cargo Equipment

Get in Touch with us & let’s talk!

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